Did you know….?

1. It’s illegal to ride an ugly horse around Hartsville, Illinois. I’d love to know who decides which horses are ugly and which aren’t.

2. By law, an Englishman must apparently not sell a horse to a Scotsman. Do we have anybody who’s guilty of this one?

3. “No person shall hallo, shout, bawl, scream, use profane language, dance, sing, whoop, quarrel, or make any unusual noise or sound in such manner as to disturb a horse,” in Pattonsburg, Missouri. It seems the peace and relaxation of horses is taken pretty seriously in Missouri!

4. It is not permitted for ‘male horse buffs’ to eat onions between 7am and 7pm, whilst out riding, in Basalt, Nevada. Obviously.

5. Women weighing more than 235 pounds and wearing shorts, must not be seen riding a horse in a public place in McAlester, Oklahoma.

6. If you ever go to Marion, South Carolina, you must never, ever tickle a woman under the chin with a feather duster, to get her attention, when is riding a horse.

7. It is law that your horse wears a diaper, when riding through Charleston, South Carolina. Now, this I would love to see!

8. If you get married in Bicknell, Indiana, your hubby faces a week in jail if he leaves his new bride on her own, to go riding with the lads, on his wedding day. Good job, too!😉

9. This is one of my favourites… It is illegal for horses to sleep in bathtubs, in Budds Creek, Maryland, (But here’s the best bit) unless the rider is also sleeping with the horse! Then it’s totally fine. HOW did this law even come about?!

10. You can’t buy and sell horses after dark, in Schurz, Navada.

11. You must not throw banana peel on the streets of Waco, Texas, incase a horse steps on it and slips. How considerate.

12. Horses must not neigh between midnight and 6am, near a “residence inhabited by human beings”, in Pine Ridge, South Dakota. I wonder how many horses know about that law.

13. Now here’s a sensible one. Maybe we can roll this out across the world… In Boone, North Carolina, it is illegal for a man to ride his horse “in a violent manner”. Good job, Boone!

14. Married women must not wear “body hugging clothing” whilst riding a horse through the streets of Upperville, Virginia and she will be charged $2 for doing so wearing “clothing that clings to her body.” No jodphurs for these ladies!

15. When the weather is hot, in Rasario, Argentina, horses have to wear hats. I bet that’s quite a sight.

16. Attorneys in Corvallis, Oregon, have to accept a horse as payment for their legal services, otherwise they can be banned from practicing.

17. There is a $500 fine and six months in prison (for the horse or the owner?) if horses are seen to be mating, in public, within five hundred yards of a church, school or tavern, in California.

18. When ex-cons are released from prison in Alberta, they are given a gun, bullets and a horse so that they can leave town. I’m not sure this sounds like such a great idea.

19. Horses must not eat fire hydrants, in Marshalltown, Iowa. Which is a shame, because I’m sure they really crave a yummy hydrant every now and then.

2-. Remember never to open and close an umbrella in front of a horse, when you’re in New York.


Let me know what you think about these hilarious and wacky laws, by leaving a comment below.

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