Happy FYI Friday, friends!

Most of our businesses are run online these days. And if you’re reading this blog post, I’m going to hazard a guess that you at least spend some of your time browsing the internet in hopes of helping grow your business.

So, I thought I’d put together a short list of my four favourite resources, when it comes to building my business. These four links will provide you with a wealth of value and inspiration!


Small & Supercharged

Hands down, my top favourite resource for equine and country businesses is this little gem. Run by my good friend and mentor, Rhea Freeman, this group is specifically tailored for rural businesses and is a hub of knowledge and support.
There is even a sister group, Small & Supercharged VIP, which has extra content, monthly challenges and incredible resources to tap into, for a small (very worthwhile) fee.


Equine Photography

This one is specifically for the photographers amongst us, but is such a great group that I can’t not mention it. With equine photographers from all over the world, there is always somebody to answer any questions you may have relating to the business of equine photography.
There are some great debates and conversations amongst this community and it’s a very supportive group.


Creative Live

If you haven’t yet heard of CreativeLive, then I’m so excited for you to discover it. It’s a website with online talks from experts in every area of small businesses. It’s mostly centred around creative businesses, but there are definitely classes on there for every type of entrepreneur. From branding, to sales, to photography, to self-belief, to marketing… and everything else in between! It’s a game changer!



If you blog and aren’t on Bloglovin’, do you even really blog? 😉 But seriously, if you blog, (and if you don’t blog, here’s why you should) you really should get your blog onto this website. I follow all of my favourites on here and I can see everybody’s updates all in one place, so I’m so much more likely to notice a new post from somebody I follow on Bloglovin’, than somebody I don’t.
I love my daily Bloglovin’ reads and definitely recommend it for anybody who’s serious about blogging. Don’t forget to follow me here and let me know if you sign up, so I can return the favour.


Please feel free to help us grow this list, by adding your own favourites in the comments below. I’d love to hear them!

Specialist UK equine portrait photographer and country lifestyle blogger & vlogger.

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