I was speaking to a friend the other day, who was after more likes on her Facebook page (aren’t we all) and I mentioned a few things that she didn’t know she could do. So, I thought I’d just point out a few little Facebook hints and tips, that you can use, with your Facebook page, that you might not already know about.


  • Using Facebook as Your Page

You may well know that you can do this, but how many of you actually do it?! Every single day I make time to use Facebook as my page, rather than as my personal profile.
(To explain it simply, your profile is the one people ‘Add as a Friend’ and your business page is the one people ‘Like’.)
If you aren’t familiar with this already, you do this by clicking on the little down arrow in the top right hand corner of your Facebook screen. This will open up a drop down menu and you will be able to select to ‘Use Facebook as’ your page.
As my page, rather than my profile, I ‘like’ tonnes of other relevant pages. This means that when I’m working as my page and I click on the Facebook icon, in the top left of the page, to take me to my page’s news feed, I see all of the posts from the pages I’ve liked. I can then like, comment and interact with these, as my page! So, when other people, who are hopefully within your target audience, if you are liking the correct pages, are interacting with that same post, they are seeing your page name. And you never know, they might just be curious, click on it and check you out!

  • Tracking Your Activity Log

Whilst we are on this subject of working as your page, the one problem with it is that you don’t get notifications when people reply to comments you’ve made on other page’s statuses, etc.
One way you can keep a track of who is interacting with any comments you’ve made, is to go to your page, click on ‘Settings’, click on ‘Activity Log’ at the bottom of the left hand menu and then if you click on ‘Comments’, again in the left hand menu, you can see all of the comments you’ve made, as your page. You can click on them, go back to where you’re left comments and see who’s responded to you.


  • Another Way to Invite People To Like

I’m sure you’ve used the ‘Invite Friends to Like This Page’ feature, but there is another way you can invite people to click the like button, too.
When people ‘like’ a post that you’ve made on your page, you can then invite them to like your page. It might be that they are friends with somebody you’ve tagged, or a friend of theirs has interacted and you’re post has landed on their timeline. They’ve liked the individual post, but not liked the actual page.
Go to that post and where it says ‘Joe Bloggs and 20 others have liked this post’, click on that ’20 others’. You can then go down the list of people that have liked the post and if they haven’t liked your page, it will allow you to invite them to do so! And because they liked that post, the likelihood is that they are already interested in what you’ve got to say. Perfect!

    • Use Your Insights

    There is so much to learn from studying your Facebook page insights. It’s basically all of the statistics you need to tell you what posts are working, what time you need to post, what type of people like your page and so much more.
    If you aren’t using them, you’re missing out! Take a look through all of the different tabs and play around with it. Then you can start working out what time of day most of your followers are online, what posts get the biggest response and working out a social media plan.


    • Scheduling

    If I know that I’m going to be out all day, I’ll try to remember to schedule a post the day before. This means that I can set up a post as I’m going to post it there and then, but instead, I hit the arrow next to the ‘Post’ button and schedule it for a specific date and time. So I can be out at a shoot and still make sure I send out content at the optimum time of day, when I know lots of my followers will be online. Again, your insights will help you work out when that is.

    • There are so many ways to use and make the most of your Facebook page. Remember, it’s basically free advertising, so you it’s important to use it to your advantage.I hope some of these little tips help you and I’m always happy for you to ask questions. Maybe I’ll answer your question in my next blog post!

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