It’s been a tough week. If you follow any of my social media accounts you may have seen that my parents had to make the sad decision to have our family dog, Archie, put to sleep last Monday.

I lived with Archie for the first ten years of his life, at my Mum and Dad’s house, before moving out, so he was a huge part of my teenage years and he was there whilst my brothers’ and I grew up. So, naturally, the whole family was devastated and I’ve dedicated the first half of this blog to remembering him.

I also took a trip out to see the Essex Farmers and Union Hunt over in Danbury, at the weekend, to get some stock photos and I had a shoot with two beautiful Friesians, Pettie and Olly, and their owner, Veronika, on Sunday. So, enjoy those, two.
(Full blog posts to follow for both of those)

Apologies that this is a very montagey vlog, but this week, this was about as much as I could manage. Back to usual business next Monday, hopefully. 🙂

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