A little while back I went over to Staceys Farm, in Rettendon, to meet Jacqueline, her two daughters, Alexa and Nicole and their pony, Nellie.

Thirteen year-old Alexa and eleven year-old Nicole share their pony Nellie between them. Nellie is six years-old and is a very odd mix. She’s a Welsh Section A cross Irish Draught, which I have NEVER heard of before, lol. But just look how beautiful she is. She’s this gorgeous dark, rose-grey colour and has the prettiest little face. I knew she was going to be great to photograph.

Alexa and Nichola have owned Nellie for two years, so she was quite a baby when they first had her. Her showname is Fouches Nellie and she originally came from up in Lincolnshire.

Nellie sadly suffered a very serious injury to her neck, when she was four, and almost didn’t make it. So I think the family are just super grateful to have her and for her to be so happy and healthy now. And she really does seem to be loving life with her girls, if the way she flew up that stubble field was anything to go by! Lol! These guys have a lot of fun together!

Being very green, Alexa has taken her time to bring Nellie on and they have done a little bit of everything together over the past two years. The pair love going to pony club together and just recently enjoyed their stay at summer camp.

Jacqueline tells me that due to her age, Nellie still often gets very distracted at shows, so Alexa is working hard on building up her experience and getting her settled, with the hope of going on to jump bigger, at competitions.

Thank you so much, Jackie, for booking the shoot for your girls, and to Alexa, Nicole and Nellie for being superb models. I loved meeting you and spending the evening with you guys!

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