A couple of years ago, I did one of the cutest ‘kids & ponies’ shoots I’ve ever done, with a little girl called Flora and her black Shetland pony. This summer, Flora’s mum, Alison, invited me back to photograph her own horse, Romeo. So Sherrie and I travelled over to Cambridge the other week, to see them.

Romeo, who is also known as ‘Cupid’s Dream, is an extremely photogenic, ten year-old gelding, by Endoli, out of Simply Silver Lady and he has been with Alison for three years, although she has only actually owned him for one year.

Alison tells me that although he is well settled and very chilled out now, he was a bit of a monkey to begin with. In fact, she describes him as a ‘diva’ in those early days. Although she also says that he taught her so much.

This year the paid affiliated in British Dressage, achieving various qualifications and always being in the ribbon. They were just looking to move up to elementary level, when Alison started to notice a difference in Romeo.

Sadly Romeo was diagnosed with kissing spines, after he started to trip and following a period of poor performance. I have met SO many horses with kissing spines this year, it’s so sad that there is so much of it around.

Alison says that they are now embarking on a long, slow process, to see if Romeo will return to his former glory and will be comfortable enough to continue where they left off. “He owes me nothing, I owe him masses!!” Alison says.

It was so lovely to return to your beautiful home, Alison, to work with you and your special boy. I feel that he rather enjoyed the attention and I’m so glad that we managed to mostly dodge the horrendous storm that hit us on our way there and then again as we were driving home!

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