Emma, Lauren and I know one another through friends, so when they contacted me to ask if I’d come over and do a shoot for their Mum’s birthday, with the horse she and Emma share between them, I was very excited to meet him, having heard lots about him.

Emma and Barbara have owned nineteen year-old Spot since he was eight. His posh name is Heslegard Louisdor and he was originally bred over in Denmark, coming to England when he was four.

When they went to view him, the lady said ‘Oh, are you here to see Spot?’ to which they replied, ‘No, we’re here to see a chestnut’… Lol. “We turned the corner and found a handsome ginger,” Emma tells me. And he turned out to be the perfect mother/daughter share.

Spot, Barbara and Emma have done lots of dressage and showing, together, in the past, with Barbara doing mainly sidesaddle with him. But he now lives a quieter life, mostly hacking and schooling around the beautiful countryside surrounding Dukes Farm in Roxwell, and Spot doesn’t mind one bit. In fact, apparently he is happier now than he’s ever been.

The last few years have been a bit up and down for these guys, with Spot damaging his front suspensory tendon and then being diagnosed with bad ulcers. But he is now fully recovered and back in work, and Emma and Barbara have been doing a lot of ground work with him, too.

It was so lovely to meet Spot, after chatting to Emma about him many times. And it was great to meet you too, Barbara. Your boy is super handsome and was a stand-up model! I’m so pleased we got such a beautiful evening for this shoot!

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