I know Bonnie through equine forums and we’ve been friends online for years. I’ve also photographed her and her gorgeous gang of ponies three times now and have a lot of love for them all.

Last year, we scheduled a Remember Me shoot for her little mare, Shola, as Bonnie thought she was going to lose Shola in the imminent future.

Over a year later, I was thrilled that Shola had seemed to turn things around and be defying the odds.

So when I got a message from Bonnie telling me that ‘this really is it’ and asking if we can arrange one last goodbye shoot, I was devastated for her.

I always feel quite invested in my clients stories anyway, and these Remember Me shoots never fail to leave a lasting mark on me and put a lump in my throat, but when it’s for somebody you know, it just hits you a little harder.

Bonnie is super grateful to have had a year longer than she expected, with her special girl, but obviously she’d do anything for more.

Because, really, there’s nothing to say other than that I will be thinking of Bonnie, who will be saying goodbye to this precious little mare tomorrow and that my heart breaks for her.

Loving and sharing our lives with our animals is a pleasure and an honour, but it’s so, so hard to say goodbye to them. I’m truly moved by every Remember Me shoot I am entrusted with and this one in particular has moved me to tears on more than one occasion already.

Lots of love to Bonnie and Shola. Forever would not have been long enough!

Specialist UK equine portrait photographer and country lifestyle blogger & vlogger.

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