*Sigh* I feel like everything has been restored, in my world. I haven’t been to a show for sooo long and I was having mega withdrawal.

So yesterday I went up to Arena UK to watch all of the pretty show ponies strutting their stuff at the BSPS Winter Champs and support friends who were competing.

I just love being this side of showing. I have absolutely no desire to compete, myself. But I love seeing these beautiful animals turned out to the highest standard and the best of the best, coming together to represent their breed or type. I love the variety… watching the plaiteds competing in the ring next to the hairies… the adults working in, in the same ring as the minis. It’s always a hive of activity, hope and excitement.

I also love to capture this excitement on camera. I take great pleasure in photographing the ‘behind-the-scenes’ moments that make up the entire showing experience. Recording all of the effort, preparation and teamwork that goes into turning these ponies into show ring superstars.

Yesterday was a great day. Spring was definitely in the air. The sun was out and despite the cold, everybody was in great spirits.

Our friends’ team had some great results, including the beautiful Annandale Cufflink and his lovely little jockey, Crystal Body, took the RIHS 13hh SHP, in a super strong class and then went overall show hunter champion. Which, was exciting!

Last year I only managed to get to one show, all summer, so this year, despite my busy season and the show season clashing terribly, I’m going to try and make sure that I get to more shows, just for my own enjoyment.

Here’s hoping!

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