Last weekend, on an overcast, yet warm evening, I went over to Witham to meet the super lovely Claire and her two horses, Harry and Toria.

Claire is a Parelli Professional and watching her play with Harry and Toria was spellbinding. In fact, I was so engrossed that I kept forgetting to take photographs, lol.

After many challenging horses, over the years, including rearers, buckers and bolters, Claire found herself, as she puts it, ‘riding within limits’; Only riding in a double bridle, avoiding hacking, unwilling to canter in groups, waiting for decent calm weather and generally finding excuses for her lack of confidence and trust in her horses. Sounding familiar to anybody? I’m sure so many of us have been there!

Claire stumbled upon a Parelli DVD and decided to go to Parelli demo at the NEC, to find out more. And it changed everything! She watched riders riding completely bridleless, holding the mane, bareback, jumping benches, sliding stops, spins, piaffe and passage. At the end of the demo they announced that these horses ranged from stallions, to runaways, to downright dangerous horses, some of whom were close to being euthanised. And so began Claire’s journey with Parelli.

Claire has now studied in both the USA and UK with Pat and Linda Parelli and a number of their highest level instructors and has become a Parelli Professional, herself.

Claire has owned her cheeky, ten year-old Connemara, Harry since he was an unhandled yearling. He is super playful and Claire tells me that she’s sure he would get himself into all kinds of trouble if you didn’t understand him. But this makes him a perfect candidate for Parelli. Using the programme, Harry has become Claire’s most willing, fun and reliable partner, exceeding her wildest dreams.

Toria is Claire’s newest recruit and is a ten year-old Friesian mare. Claire has only had Toria since last year and she bought her as she was a sensitive, emotional horse and Claire wanted to help her to become a more balanced, confident and trusting. She is coming on well and Claire is taking her time, developing a solid foundation on the ground and ridden.

Claire enjoys teaching others to understand their horse and its behaviours. She teaches them strategies and psychology, to help the horses become willing, calm, trusting and motivated partners.

If you would like to find out more about what Claire does and how it could help you with your hose, or if you would like to come and meet Claire at a Demo Day or Clinic Day, you can check out her website details and videos. Honestly, it’s just so fascinating to see. I’d highly recommend taking a look! I’ll certainly be going to a demo day in the future!

Claire’s Website:

Specialist UK equine portrait photographer and country lifestyle blogger & vlogger.

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