Country Fashion on the Highstreet, with Next - Equine and Country Lifestyle Blogger I via I #lifestyleblogger #photography #countrylife

This is a topic I have been meaning to write about for a while now, but just haven’t got around to. So, when I was invited up to the press event for the launch of Next’s new Spring/Summer collection, last week, in Covent Garden, it seemed like this would be the perfect opportunity to pen this post.

I am, for the most part, a huge advocate of supporting small businesses, where possible. But we all know that sometimes it is more practical and more affordable, to purchase from larger stores and more well-known brands.

So, the way I like to do things is to mix and match.


Country Fashion on the Highstreet, with Next - Equine and Country Lifestyle Blogger I via I #lifestyleblogger #photography #countrylife

I like to support the small country brands where possible, buying online and at shows. But to ensure that I’m not spending a small fortune on my entire wardrobe and to allow me to pick pieces up conveniently and easily from my local town, I also try to spot items that would fit within my style, at better-known high-street stores.

You can certainly find some really great items that fit within the ‘country fashion’ theme, in a lot of high-street shops and Next are one of the best examples of this. I am a big Next fan. I live and die in their denim leggings range and have so many of their pieces in my wardrobe and also throughout my home.

They are fabulous at cosy cable-knit jumpers, timeless shirts and classic dresses for the summer. Which, teamed with a fedora, tweed jacket, some equestrian jewellery and the right pair of boots, for example, are bang on the country trend!

When shopping for high-street brands, I always look for a variety of natural textures, including tweed, wool, faux fur, denim, lace and linen, and I stick to a fairly neutral colour palette, including navy, blues, burgundy, cream, white, tan and grey. In terms of patterns, I always gravitate towards stripes, large spots and add in floral prints in the summer.

So, with all of this in mind and with Next’s gorgeous Spring/Summer range not launching until end April/beginning May (I’ll keep you posted, because there are some gorgeous pieces in there) I thought I’d have a browse through their current collection and pick out a few top choices that I would easily be able to style to fit the country fashion look.

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