Last week I went out to Dedham, near Colchester, to photograph Jodie’s beautiful Welsh boys.

She has a collection of stunning Welsh Cs and Ds (amongst others) and we wanted to get some head shots and images of them showing off their flashy paces, in the school.

First up we had black Welsh Section D, the very handsome Diablo. Diablo had a bit of a rough start in life, having been beaten and abused. But Jodie said that with lots of time and patience, he slowly came around, once in her care. This special chap is now seven years-old and is quite the success story.

This year, Stockdale Black Prince, (By Pennorth Black Prince, out of Gwylfa Annest) as he is more formally known, qualified for HOYS, in harness, and was placed a very respectable seventh! Jodie tells me that aswell as competing as a driving pony, Diablo also has lots of fun under saddle, at home. “There isn’t much this pony can’t do!” How lovely, after the poor start he had.

Next up we had Jodie’s absolutely gorgeous Section C, buckskin colt, Tiger. Sangrug Tiger Tim (By Burghwallis Welsh Wizard, out of Dycott Touch of Elegance) is only a year old, but is already quite a strapping chap, who loves to show off for an audience. Jodie tells me that she has shown him in-hand this year, since buying him, and has been very successful. Obviously at this age, he doesn’t have such an extensive CV, but I can see why Jodie is excited about him. There aren’t many ponies that move like Tiger!

And lastly, but very, very certainly not least was the breathtaking Trigger. Oh my goodness, I could photograph this boy all day long! Just look at him!!

Hatterhall All Gold (By Danaway the Jackal, out of Ilston Welsh lady) is just just stunning. And he totally knows it, too. He loved the attention and was such a good boy. Jodie has owned him for two years and he is, as yet, unshown. However, she tells me that he will be making his debut out on the showing circuit next year and I can’t wait to follow his progress. What a special little horse.

Huge thank you to Jodie, for having me and for letting me loose on her scrummy gang. This shoot has been a long time coming and I’m so glad we finally got round to it. I hope it was worth the wait!! It certainly was for me.

Specialist UK equine portrait photographer and country lifestyle blogger & vlogger.

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