Sherrie and I have been busy bees! I love having so many Mud to Makeup shoots because it means I get someone to chat with on the journey and we definitely put the worlds to rights, on our roadtrips.

Last week saw us heading over to Colne Engaine, to see Emma and Winston at their farm. And, major bonus, Emma and her family make ice-cream and run Handmade by Hadley’s, so I even got to take home the most delicious, home-made, salted caramel and chocolate ice-cream. Did I ever mention how much I love my job?!

Emma owns the very handsome, thirteen year-old KWPN, Winston and has had him since he was just five. He is lord of the manor, at home, on their farm and shares his home with sheep, cows, dogs and Patricia, the pig. (We’ll come back to her later!)

Emma bought Winston with the hope of eventing, but she tells me that they’ve never managed a complete season together, as Winston can be quite the clumsy sick-note and is always injured.

Amongst other things, Winston has suffered a fractured knee, two fractured splint bones and thoroughpin, whilst he has been with Emma.

Despite his list of ailments, Emma has evented Winston at Novice level but tells me, “I have always had the goal of riding in top hat and tails, in a 1*”.

Aswell as accident and injury, Emma says that life has gotten in the way in the past too. Work and meeting her boyfriend, Sam, meant that Emma didn’t have the time she would have liked, to keep Winston fit. However, now that she helps run the ice-cream business, she has more time and has just rejoined BE and entered a 100 for three weeks time.

“Hopefully we can do a few events and get back to Novice, by the end of the year. And maybe we can get to a 1* next year. We will see!”

I mentioned Patricia earlier, but I can’t not officially introduce you to her. Patricia is Emma’s pig and was her eighteenth birthday present from her friends. Emma told Sherrie and I that she and her friends all put money in for special birthdays and buy one another something nice. One friend got expensive shoes, the other a designer handbag… Emma got Patricia!!! Which I just love.

I haven’t ever officially met a pig before and it was nothing like I imagined! (Not that it’s something I’ve put too much thought into) Patricia was so pleased to meet us and expressed her delight by galloping over, coming to call and grunting at us, repeatedly. Seriously, I think I might introduce pig photography, to my list of services. She was SO adorable!!

Thank you so much to Emma, mum Jane and all of the animals at the Hadley farm! Sherrie and I had such a wonderful afternoon and it was an absolute pleasure to meet you all.

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