We started the year off with quite a giggle this morning.

Last year, we went and watched the Essex Farmers and Union Hunt parade through Maldon highstreet on New Year’s Day. So this year we decided we’d do the same and then try and follow them once they’d left the high street. This is the first time I’ve ever done this, so after lots of conflicting advice, speaking to a few different people and trying to work out how was best to go about it… I still wasn’t really any the wiser.

So, we hopped in the car and hoped for the best! What a wild goose chase. We attempted to follow someone we thought looked like they might be following the hunt and it turned out they weren’t, so we got a little lost and drove around aimlessly for a while.

And then eventually we caught up with some very helpful foot followers who allowed us to tag along with them. Huge thank you to that group of people!! Without you, we’d very possibly still be lost in the Maldon countryside trying to spot red coats on the horizon! Lol!

Anyway, what a great experience. We had such a giggle and did eventually cross paths with the hunt, although it took us a few failed attempts and long distance sightings.

I’d definitely love to do more of this and we’re already planning our next jaunt. If anybody would like to take us under their wings, we’d very much appreciate it.

Thank you to the Essex Farmers & Union Hunt and their supporters for a rather exhilarating start to 2016! Here are a few images that I managed to capture when I wasn’t running around the countryside in a state of confusion.

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