A couple of days after visiting Julia and Abby in Suffolk, I was back again to see Faye and Evie.

Evie is Faye’s twenty-five year-old chestnut mare and is another veteran who is determined to prove that growing older doesn’t necessarily mean growing up. Evie is still absolutely full of beans and when we took a walk out to a nearby bridle path, Faye had to work hard to keep up. Lol.

Faye and Evie have done a few veteran classes at local shows and had quite a bit of success, and I can totally see why. You would NEVER guess Evie’s age, if you hadn’t been told.

Second time out, they went reserve champion and third time out, overall in-hand champion. So the judges were obviously just as impressed as I was.

All this being said, it didn’t make our photoshoot experience all that easy. Poor Faye really had to work hard to get Evie to pose and I feel like she must have been exhausted by the end of it, lol. Evie would just much rather be on the go, than standing posing!

Faye says that they only show in-hand as Evie is far to ‘nuts’ to do ridden classes and that she’d definitely think the go-round was a race. Lol. They do try their hand at the occasional minimus showjumping course, however, which Evie seems to love.

Faye says, “We also have done a few 12 mile long distance rides where walk wasn’t an option! She’s definitely a character and still full of life, I sometimes wonder if I have one of her three foals, instead of the real Evie. Thank you so much for putting up with her.”

However, ‘putting up with her’ really wasn’t much of a hardship. She’s super gorgeous and has such a great personality. She really did make me giggle.

Thank you so much for having me, Faye. (Twice! 😉 ) I really enjoyed meeting you guys. I hope it was worth the wait!

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