Georgie’s shoot was… interesting. Lol. The forecast said cloud with some sun. The reality was pouring, drenched-to-your-knickers, dripping-off-of-your-nose rain! All was going well until we’d waded right out into the middle of an open field, with nowhere to hide, and the heavens decided to open.

However, I think my wonderful clients and I have well and truly proved, this summer (if you can even call it that) that you can get great images, despite the unpredictable English weather. And Georgie’s shoot was no exception. How gorgeous are these two?

I know Georgie through my best friend Nat, who went to Writtle with her, so it was lovely to go over and meet her handsome chap, Pelikan. (What a great name!) Georgie took Pelikan on as her own after he’d been found unsuitable for the riding school he was at and was due to be sent to either a dealer or the meat man.

And it’s certainly not been an easy ride since then. Pun intended. They have been competing at local level showjumping, hunter trials, one day events and dressage, and Georgie has recently passed her trailer test, so the pair have just start British Eventing at 90 and British Dressage, currently working at medium.

But Pelikan is quite a sensitive soul and they’ve had their ups and downs. I had to be so quiet and calm with him, on our shoot. A lot of people tell me their horse is nervous or naughty and nine times out of ten, they settle fairly quickly and cope just fine with the shoot, but Pelikan really was exactly as sensitive and Georgie warned me he would be.

The slightest quick movement, or rustle of my bag, had him on edge, snorting and spinning to see where the monsters were hiding. He’s genuinely just quite nervous of life itself, but a real poppet once he settles. And he definitely looks to his mumma for reassurance.

However, despite his daily fears, Georgie says he absolutely lights up when they go cross-country and that even though it’s hard to believe when you meet him, he’s super brave over the fences. It’s definitely his favourite! Georgie hopes to reach BE100 with him and also see how he can go with his dressage.

“It’s not been an easy journey because he’s not an easy character, but we’ve come so much further than I ever expected possible, even though he presents me with new challenges on a daily basis. He will always be my horse of a lifetime.”

Thanks so much for having me, Georgie. It was lovely to meet your special boy, who totally melted my heart. And I’m so glad that, despite the hideous weather, we managed to create a beautiful set of images for you.

Specialist UK equine portrait photographer and country lifestyle blogger & vlogger.

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