If you watch my vlogs, you’ll have seen that I took a trip to Wales the other week, to meet three lovely clients and their gorgeous horses. The first of which were Hannah and Harvey.

Hannah owns the very handsome, 18hh Trakehner, Harvey Nichols. She tells me that he was brought over from Germany, after having been used as a stallion, as a British Dressage horse.

However, it soon became apparent that he hated from from the stables, to the arena, and back again and began misbehaving. As a result, he ended up at the sales.

When Hannah bought him, years later, he had been spending most of his time in the field and not doing a whole lot. But since owning him, Hannah and Harvey have done a bit of everything together, including lots of fun rides, cross country, little bit of showjumping.

Hannah did attempt a little bit of dressage with him, thinking he may now be older and wiser, but he still wasn’t the best behaved, despite moving beautifully.

Hannah lives on the edge of a beautiful Welsh mountain, with her other half Andy and very friendly their Labrador, Diesel, so she and Harvey spend lots of their time hacking out over there, which he loves more than anything.

Sadly, Harvey has been diagnosed with Navicular, this year, after on-going problems with lameness. So Hannah tells me that they’ll be taking every day as it comes, hacking out as much as they can and that Harvey will spend most of his time just being loved and pampered.

Specialist UK equine portrait photographer and country lifestyle blogger & vlogger.

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