If it rains on the day of your shoot, or the weather is forecast to be horrendous, then it’s simple. We don’t panic and we reschedule.

Unfortunately, doing this job, in this country, I have learned to be flexible. I am a pro at weather watching and if the forecast looks to be awful for the day of your shoot, I will get in touch to advise that we rearrange for another day. Of course, the final decision will always lie with you and if you want to go ahead, we will do, but my professional advice for wet weather would be to try and find another mutually convenient date. And I keep spare dates aside specifically for this purpose.

I know that this is one of my clients’ biggest fears, and it very often sends them into quite a spin. But honestly, it’s not as big a deal as it might seem and I’m totally used to it.

Agreed, it’s not ideal. And hopefully we can make this decision before you’ve bathed your horse, cleaned your tack, tidied your yard and got yourself all ready, because otherwise that’s an even bigger pain in the bum. But unfortunately we simple can’t order the perfect weather for every shoot and we have to just keep calm and go with the flow.

Cloudy skies are absolutely fine and if the sun is super bright, we will try and head for the shade of trees or buildings, wherever possible, to create a more flattering light. Read more about this here.

It really is only rain that really puts a stop to our fun. Soggy, grumpy horses are no fun to photograph, soggy cameras tend to get broken and in all honesty, soggy, grumpy photographs aren’t much fun to be around, either! 😉

Specialist UK equine portrait photographer and country lifestyle blogger & vlogger.

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