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I am very excited to be the first person to officially kick off Haynet‘s new feature, the Businesss Showcase. It’s an extremely generous idea and I’m honoured to be a part of it. To give you some more information, I’m going to post the words of Samantha Hobden, who runs Haynet, and then I’ll post the links below, so that you can go and check it out.


“With so many small equestrian businesses that are out there, Haynet is showcasing these companies and the hard working people behind them. The equestrian and countryside industry is tough and competition is high. However, it is a thriving industry with many small businesses opening every month.

Haynet is giving a small rural business one week on Haynet to showcase their company and what service they provide. You will find out about the person behind the brand, what service or products they have to offer even giving Haynet some generous discounts with them! We will also find out what their hopes are for the future within equestrian and countryside business, championing their enthusiasm for the products or services they provide.

So please come and follow this series on Haynet and show support for these unsung businesses that are making their way in the equestrian and countryside industry. You never know if this is something you are thinking about delving into, it may give you the inspiration you need to start your very own equestrian or countryside business!”

I will be on there all week, posting one blog post a day until Sunday, and I have various exclusives, a photoshoot discount and more.

I love to see businesses supporting other businesses, so I’m fully behind this new feature. Please do go over and take a look, show it the support it deserves and keep an eye out for some great new equine and country businesses, showcasing their talents, in the weeks to come.


You can check it out at http://www.hay-net.co.uk/business-showcase

Specialist UK equine portrait photographer and country lifestyle blogger & vlogger.

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