If you’ve watched my Christmas Gift Guide video, you’ll have seen me rave about the beautiful Cherry Roller Snaffle Bangle, that the lovely people at Hi Ho Silver sent me.

But, I felt like, in amongst all of the other items, I didn’t really get to show you exactly how beautiful this piece (and some of the other products) really were, so I decided to pick a few of my faves and blog about them, too. So that you can find out a little more.

Hi Ho Silver, Rose Gold Plated, Cherry Roller Snaffle Bangle I via sophiecallahanblog.com I #equinephotography #photography #equineblogger
Hi Ho Silver, Rose Gold Plated, Cherry Roller Snaffle Bangle I via sophiecallahanblog.com I #equinephotography #photography #equineblogger

I’m going to begin by quoting from the Hi Ho Silver website, as I love everything they’ve done with this bangle. It’s super stylish, simple and elegant, yet truly equestrian, in it’s design.


“Designed exclusively by Hiho, this rose gold cherry roller bangle has been a
couple of years in the making, and a real labour of love. We really wanted to
make something that nobody else had ever made, while keeping true to our Hiho
ideals of being affordable and wearable everyday. Using only the most talented
silversmiths, we have created a solid silver spring clip snaffle bangle with five “rollers”,
which we remove from the bracelet, so we can get them gold plated right
here in the heart of the UK just for you.

The rose gold version which is true to a copper cherry roller snaffle bit,
is we think, subtle beauty at its finest. The “rollers” move and revolve on the
solid silver shaft, which has been curved to fit the shape of a wrist.  Being hinged
at only one end makes the bracelet easy to get off and on. However, we have
a feeling that once this is on, you won’t be taking it off and so we are also adding
our very own Hiho promise that if the gold plate wears, we will re-plate it
or you for a nominal cost.”

And it’s totally true, that I don’t want to take it off. It’s so subtle and dainty that, even on my tiny wrists, I forget it’s there. Yet it definitely does not go unnoticed by other people. I’ve so many lovely compliments since I’ve been wearing it.

Rose gold is so on trend right now, so personally, that’s my favourite. However, it does also come in sterling silver and yellow gold plate, too.

If you are looking for a special gift for the female equestrian, in your life, I really would recommend this from Hi Ho Silver. I have wanted an equestrian piece of jewellery for some time now and I’m so pleased with this bangle.

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