Everbody wants a summer photoshoot. And I do understand. You all have this image of yourselves on a romantic, sunny evening, frolicking through the long grass, a soft breeze in your hair, your noble steed by your side and butterflies floating around you… Right?

Or something like that, anyway.

But every year I say it… It makes me sad that more people don’t recognise the beauty of a crisp winter session.

I get it. Horses get hairy, the ground gets muddy and we can’t predict the weather forecast… But if you knew how many shoots get rained off in the summer, you’d realise that there’s just as a high a chance of rain, no matter what time of year you book. Whatever time of year, if it rains, we reschedule and try again.

And there are some huge benefits to having your shoot in winter! I’ve written a blog post on this before, which you can find by clicking here.


So, if you’ve decided to opt for a winter shoot, here are a few things that will help you get you and your horse camera ready.


If you clip your horse, they’ll look just as smart as they do in their summer coat. The shine on a clipped horse can be super sparkly if you do it right.

I’d advise clipping around two weeks before your shoot. This gives the coat time to settle and loose that dull ‘just clipped’ look. The natural oils will put a shine back in the coat and we’ll be good to go.


Hoods, rugs and bandages are a God-send for keeping mud and stable stains at bay. Of course, there’s always that one horse (probably yours!) that’ll find a way to smear his poo right the way inside it’s hood, but we can only hope for damage limitation, right?

Choosing Your Outfits

Am I the only one that prefers my Autumn/Winter wardrobe to my summer wardrobe? It’s all about layering, people.

I love the textures that winter allows us… Wool, tweed, fur, leather… And the fact that we can accessorise, with scarves, hats, coats, boot warmers, etc.

When choosing your outfits for your winter shoot, I have extensive advice on my Client Area, which you will gain access to once you’ve booked. But make sure you are comfortable, warm and confident, in whatever you choose. If you feel like you’re freezing you’re butt off, you’ll look like it!

Check out my Pinterest board, for lots of warm, cosy, winter outfit ideas.


When I get to your yard, we’ll have a good ol’ chat about the location and the spaces available to us.

Think about the ground, wherever you want to shoot. If it’s knee deep in mud, make sure you’ve got boots to wade across in and then if you want to change into something nicer (and cleaner) when we get to the location, you can.

If you’re braving heels, try to find a pretty backdrop with hard ground, so that your heels don’t sink into the mud and you are a little more stable.


One of the best things about winter shoots is that we don’t have to work too late to get that beautiful evening light, just before the sun sets. So, keep an eye on where the sun sets on your yard, in the run up to your shoot. If we can shoot with the sunset as our backdrop, perfect!

Embrace It!

News flash: This is not a summer shoot. Winter is beautiful in it’s very own way, with it’s frosty morning, moody skies and soft, golden light, and we want to take full advantage of that. We’re not trying to make it look like your images were taken in the middle of August.
If you want to wear a dress with no sleeves, that’s fine, but bring a shawl or a fur bolero, to make it look cosy, yet glam. Don’t try to brave a little sundress because it just won’t work.

Appreciate winter for what it is and I promise, it will be magical!

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