A little while back I made a long trip to Yorkshire and went to visit the lovely Kirby family, whilst I was there.

Pippa, her husband Philip and their two girls, eleven year-old Izzy and seven year-old Indy, live at the beautiful Green Oaks, a newly built racing yard, where Philip rides and trains racehorses.

The first pony I had the pleasure of photographing was the rather adorable Freddie, the little roan pony. Thistledown Fun Fair is the family superstar and a rare type, who has proved his worth as a successful lead rein, first ridden, cradle stakes and open ridden pony, as well as enjoying Pony Club.

Freddie and Izzy have qualified for HOYS as a lead rein show hunter pony, aswell as an open ridden Section A, so he really is very versatile. He has been home produced mini champion at Equifest, on the lead rein, for last two years and this year he won the Heritage Cradle Stakes at the BSPS champs and the Mountain and Moorland lead rein, on same day.

Pippa says, “He is my best boy! I’m always turning down offers to buy him, but I will never sell him.”

Next up, I met handsome little Monkey, the newest addition to the family. Monkey is a 13hh, dun, Welsh Section B, who’s posh name is ‘Cadlanvalley Gold Finger’. Izzy and Indy are still getting to know Monkey and hope to compete him in dressage and Mountain and Moorland ridden showing classes.

And lastly, but very certainly not least, was Midget Gem, the coloured Shetland. This pint sized pony certainly has a huge great character, to make up for what he lacks in size. He even dropped and rolled, with no warning whatsoever, while we were out on the gallops, which had us all creasing with laughter.

Little Midget is super fun. He will happily indulge in showing and Pony Club and he and Izzy love to compete in pony racing and the Shetland Grand National! What a fantastic little chap.

I really love the images of the girls and Midget out on the gallops, that are the backdrop to their beautiful home in Richmond. What a fantastic place to grow up and it certainly seems like Izzy and Indy have a wonderful time with their ponies.

Thank you so much, Pippa, Philip, Indy and Izzy, for having us to your beautiful home, on our travels. It was great to see you guys!

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