I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned, but… I LOVE WINTER PHOTOSHOOTS!!!   

If you’ve been following my Vlogmas series, you will have seen that I went over to Althorne, to visit Kiarnii and her gorgeous boys, Ben and Buddy, over the weekend.

Kiarnii’s mum bought her a shoot for her birthday, back in November. I’ve photographed over in this area before, in winter, and know that they get the most breathtaking sunsets, over the water. So I had my fingers tightly crossed for a beautiful evening, which was exactly what we got.

This is such a great example of why I adore winter shoots!! The colours pop, the light is stunning and everything is just crisp and beautiful!!

Kiarnii’s veteran, Buddy, is eighteen years old and is the smaller of her two boys. (The horse with the grackle noseband.) Buddy has been with Kiarnii for ten years now, since she was just thirteen, and has taught her so much.

He is a very nervous horse and as soon as I entered the barn he was giving me the wary side-eye. But he decided I wasn’t so bad, after a we had a cuddle and a chat. Kiarnii tells me that he was completely un-trusting when she first got him and has had a poor start in life. However, she has worked hard with him and they have enjoyed competing in cross country and showing, together.

Sadly, a more recent incident means that Buddy can now only be ridden as a happy hacker, although I think he is perfectly content with this.

Ben, the Thoroughbred, is the taller, younger, of Kiarnii’s two horses and he is only six. Kiarnii bought him from Somerset, as a three year old and says that he has been quite the challenge. She admits that she has ‘hit the deck’ on many occasions, but it seems the pair have turned a corner, these days.

From my perspective, Ben was an absolute angel to shoot, and just look at that photogenic face. But it sounds like he was putting on the charm, because he’s known to have been a bit of a bucking bronco for Kiarnii, in the past. With things looking up, she hopes to event him in the future.

I had a really lovely afternoon with Kiarnii, her other half, Rob and of course, Ben and Buddy, the stars of the show. It was a cold, but beautiful afternoon and I hope you can see from these images, winter shoots can be truly magical.

If you clip your horse, like Ben, here, they still look super smart. Or if they are partial to the ‘au naturel’ look, they will look cute and cuddly in their winter woollies. I still have spaces available for Jan-March. So get in quick and book for winter, if you think you’re brave enough.

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