At the beginning of the week I went over to visit Lauren and her gorgeous girl, Abby, for a very sad Remember Me shoot. You may have seen my vlog about it on Tuesday.

Abby is a twenty year-old Connemara cross Highland and Lauren has owned her for over fifteen years, so they truly have a special partnership.

Tragically, when Abby was younger, she was stabbed just above her left shoulder and this has left her with a variety of problems, throughout her life.

Lauren tells me that after three operations, arthritis set in and Abby was officially retired three years ago. And then last Christmas, she tore the internal scar tissue below the fetlock, resulting in five months of box rest.

This year Lauren promised Abby that she wouldn’t put her through another cold winter, but would give her the best summer she could.

Our shoot was scheduled for January and Lauren was hoping to have one last Christmas, with plans for the family to go down and make a big fuss of Abby on Christmas Day. But when she slipped and retore the damaged scar tissue, Lauren knew that her plans would have to change.


Sadly, Lauren said goodbye to Abby on Wednesday, two days after our shoot. I’m so gutted for both Abby and Lauren, that after such a horrible injury, her last couple of weeks weren’t as peaceful and happy as she deserved.

Lauren, I hope these images are what you were after and go some way towards easing this horrible time for you. Sending you lots of love! xxx

Specialist UK equine portrait photographer and country lifestyle blogger & vlogger.

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