This post is a little different than my usual FYI Friday posts… It’s a bit of a rant, perhaps a bit of a kick up the bum for some of you, but hopefully it will also give some of you the permission you are looking for, but don’t even know you need.

So, for your information, because there seem to be a lot of people that forget this little fact…


Yes, I used shouty caps. I’m sorry, but I felt it was called for in this instance.

Honestly, you are allowed! In fact, you’re allowed to make good money. That’s the whooooole point of your business! You have bills to pay, you need to make a living and your business is how you put food on your table.

I don’t know if it’s just a British thing, but there seems to be real embarrassment when it comes to making money. Like we shouldn’t admit that ‘yes, I make a profit when you book me’, or ‘yes, you pay this much, but I only pay this much, when I order goods from my supplier’… WHY?

When you go into a shop and buy something, do you expect that they aren’t making money from it?
When an employee goes to work in the supermarket/office/hospital/restaurant, do you expect them to do it for nothing?
When you hire a builder to build you a wall, do you expect them to charge you the cost of materials and no more?

Of course not, because you know that these are people’s livelihoods and they need to make money from them.

And you are no different!


So, next time somebody gets in touch with you and grumbles when you tell them how much you charge, just remember that they are not the client for you. It does not mean you are too expensive! It means that they should be hiring somebody else.

And it certainly does not mean that you are making too much money!!

Specialist UK equine portrait photographer and country lifestyle blogger & vlogger.

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