My Top Tips for Your Children’s Photoshoot With Their Pony

One of my favourite types of shoots, is, without doubt, children and their ponies. It’s kind of funny, really, as I’ve never been the most maternal person. Whilst my friends at school were playing ‘mums and babies’, I was galloping around the playground pretending to...
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My Tips & Advice For Choosing Your Equine Photographer

One of the things you come to realise when you run a service based business, is that not everybody is your client. The sooner you realise this, the easier it is to let go of people who chose to book someone else, or who tell you’re too expensive/cheap. So, with this...
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How to Make a Autumn/Winter Equine Photoshoot Work!

Autumn and Winter can be such a fabulous time of year for a shoot. I talk about the benefits in this post here. But if you’re reading this, it’s likely that you’ve decided to go ahead and opt for a shoot during the cooler months, when there are less flies, it’s easier...
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The Reason You Need a Sunset Photoshoot in Your Life!

What's one thing that's sure to put a smile on my face and have me obsessing over a set of images so much that I can not wait to get them edited? Sunset Shoots!! I absolutely adore shooting in the evenings, just before the sun goes down, when everything looks golden,...
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Understanding the Effect of ‘Light’ On Your Photoshoot

When I arrive at a shoot location and my clients show me around their yard, the first thing I'm looking for, rather than beautiful backdrops, is the perfect light. But I know, when I say this out loud, it sounds like crazy creative talk and doesn't really make much...
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