I think I’ve said this before, recently, but I absolutely love two-person shoots. Group shoots are fun, but can be a little chaotic and I feel like I often don’t get to spend quite as much time as I’d like.

However, two-person shoots are just perfect. There’s safety in numbers, so my clients feel a little more at ease. Both clients get to prepare together; planning outfits and locations, bathing horses, etc. We often do both shoots side by side, rather than one after the other (which I can’t do with bigger groups). And it’s just such a giggle when you go through the whole experience together.

That’s what we did with Sarah and Sally, and I had such a lovely day with them.

Sally has owned her Holstein mare, Poppy, for seven years. When she split from her husband she made the decision to get back to what she loved. First she bought a dog and then when her children were older, Poppy came along.

When she was searching for a horse, Sally was adamant that she didn’t want a mare, but something kept drawing her back to Poppy’s advert. After making the decision to go and see her, she fell in love.

“Poppy is a very aloof horse – not cuddly at all. She is very high maintenance… But I absolutely love her to bits and every time I get on her I am amazed at how lucky I am to have found her.”

Sally tells me that Poppy is a real diva and that certainly showed on our shoot. Lol! One minute she’d be posing like Britain’s next top model and the next she’d decide she was done. When she was bored, you had no chance, but when she was on form, she was simply stunning!

I love how different my two equine models were on this shoot, not only in looks, but in how they reacted to the shoot, too. We had Troy, who was Mr. Laid Back, taking it all in his stride and happy to oblige. And Miss Diva, Poppy, who would pose like a pro, when she felt like it, but quickly got bored of our photoshoot nonsense. I really do love my job and the horses and humans I get to meet along the way!

Specialist UK equine portrait photographer and country lifestyle blogger & vlogger.

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