A little while back I went back to a familiar yard, called Sandridgebury Farm, in Hertford, to photograph Sarah and Laura, and their two horses, who are like chalk and cheese.

Sarah contacted me to book the shoot and she owns the very pretty, Izabella, who is a total diva. Twelve year-old, Irish bred Izzy is beautiful and she knows it, lol.

Sarah bought Izzy four years ago, as a project, when she had just come over from Ireland. She was very green and had one speed; Fast. Sarah says, “We spent many months just walking everywhere and practising for the standing still Olympics.” 

Sarah and Izzy have struggled with various injuries, including tendon problems, and have really only been up and about for the past eighteen months. They are now enjoying getting out to sponsored rides, low level dressage and hope to have a go at showing and some baby cross-country, too.

Laura’s horse is the very sweet black cob in the pictures, and his name is Dougal. Laura thinks that Dougal is around twenty-four or twenty-five, and guesses that he might have a bit of Fell pony in him, but has no real way of knowing.

Dougal has spent most of his life as a school horse at South Medburn School. When he retired from there, he found his way to Sandridgebury and after one lesson on him, Laura was in love!

Laura bought Dougal to ensure that he had the retirement from the riding school that he deserves. She and new hubby James adore him and James treats him like his giant pet dog. And he also has a sharer, called Caroline, who is like his second mummy.

Laura and Dougal mostly enjoy hacking out, which Dougal hadn’t done much of before, aswell as a spot of jumping, dressage and having fun. Laura says that her plans are to just continue loving and spoiling Dougal into his twilight years.

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