I think I’ve said this before, recently, but I absolutely love two-person shoots. Group shoots are fun, but can be a little chaotic and I feel like I often don’t get to spend quite as much time as I’d like.

However, two-person shoots are just perfect. There’s safety in numbers, so my clients feel a little more at ease. Both clients get to prepare together; planning outfits and locations, bathing horses, etc. We often do both shoots side by side, rather than one after the other (which I can’t do with bigger groups). And it’s just such a giggle when you go through the whole experience together.

That’s what we did with Sarah and Sally, and I had such a lovely day with them.

Last week I went to the Showing World Awards, at the East of England Showground, and the morning after, I drove from Peterborough to East Sussex, to meet Sarah, Sally and their two horses, Troy and Poppy.

Sarah had arranged the shoot for herself and Sally. And she owns seven year-old, coloured, Irish cob, Troy. Troy’s posh name is Tisrara Traveller and Sarah purchased him from Martin’s Irish Horses, in Kent, two years ago.

Sarah and Troy mostly do a bit of hacking, school work and the odd spot of jumping at home, and have also ventured out to some Prelim dressage tests and a few charity rides.

Sarah bought Troy when her old mare, Nikki had to be retired and says that he is a super laid back chap who will try anything you ask of him. He was certainly an absolute poppet to photograph and didn’t make any fuss about wandering around the woods, in hand.

I just LOVE shooting at this time of year and was absolutely blown away by the stunning backdrop we had access to, for this shoot. Beauport Park Riding School is enveloped in the most beautiful woodland and golf course, and I felt like a kid in a sweet-shop. The colours of the trees, the dreamy, low, misty winter light, the carpet of leaves… I was completely spoilt for choice and could have photographed there all day and still not run out of spaces to use.

We also took a quick trip over to meet Sarah’s other horse, at the end of the shoot. Twenty-one year-old, Dutch Warmblood, Nikki was sadly forced into retirement following joint problems and arthritis.

Sarah has owned her for eleven years and says, “I really miss riding her, but am glad I have found such a wonderful place, for her to enjoy her well deserved retirement.” Nikki was most put out that we’d disturbed her lazy Sunday, lol, but kindly humoured us while we made her pose.

Thank you so much to Sarah for organising the shoot and to her husband, Mark for driving me around the location so that I didn’t have to march up that huge hill. My little legs were very grateful!

Sally and Poppy’s images coming next.

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