I have been working as a make up artist for over 16 years, working on all kinds of projects ranging from celebrities, magazines, music videos, TV, weddings, equine photoshoots and private clients. My passion is real faces. I love bringing the best of someone’s face out, by using make up. We really all do have something beautiful about our faces and with the help of using make up correctly we can highlight this.

In addition to this, I also own and compete my own horse; my handsome, chestnut Thoroughbred, Tim. So I love working with Sophie on our ‘Mud to Makeup’ equine photoshoots where I get to combine my two passions.


So, they say for equestrian competitions “wear a little make up, keeping it light and natural”… But what does this mean?

A: All they are requiring is that you don’t turn up, over made up, ie. with an orange face, bright green eyeshadow, felt-tip pen eyebrows and gigantic lips, filled with the brightest pink colour on the planet.

They want us equestrian ladies to look classy and to make the best of our own natural beauty (Everyone has something beautiful about their face!).


So, here are my make up tips for the perfect horse show look…

1. Apply a light foundation or BB/CC cream, to even out your complexion. Be careful to choose a shade that matches your skin perfectly.  Then apply a little powder all over your face. This will set the foundation.
Recommendation: I’m loving Mac Blot Powder.

Top tip: Don’t forget to get a product with SPF in, especially in the hotter months.

2. Apply a neutral colour eyeshadow.  Apply your eyeshadow just up to your socket line, on your eyes and using a smaller brush apply a line just underneath your lower lashes.
Recommendation: I’m a big fan of the No7 Stay Perfect Colour Mousse. And they stay on for most of the day!

3. Using a black or brown soft pencil, draw a fine line as a subtle eyeliner, above your top lashes and smudge in a little, using a clean brush or your finger.

4. Mascara! My advice would be to only ever use a waterproof mascara! This will avoid that crumbling and fallout, which ends up under your eyes, rather than on your lashes. Personally, I’d also tend to avoid false lashes, as if these fall off halfway through a class, you’ll be distracted by whatever it is that’s attached itself to your cheek, or even worse, it falls off onto your horse! It’s just an extra worry that you don’t need on show day.

5. I always recommend wearing a blusher, as it really helps to shape your face. Feel for your cheek bones and only ever apply on the bone itself, not under or on top or in your ears… I would generally opt for a bronzer, rather than a high pigmented blusher. Bronzers also look more natural for sporting events.

6. Finally, lips. Go for a natural colour lipstick or lip-tint and keep it simple. I’m loving the lightly coloured chapsticks, as they contain SPF and will keep you lips moisturised too. And even better, it will fit into the jacket of your show jacket. However, I highly advise against reapplying mid test/class.😀

So, there you have it, hopefully this will help you avoid any make up faux pas and look like a fresher version of yourself. Just what the judges ordered!

I hope you enjoyed my tips and please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions on my Facebook page and if you’re in need of a hair and make up artist for any occasion, I’d love to help!

Sherrie. x

Sherrie hard at work, keeping our audience entertained, at one of our shoots last year.
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Specialist UK equine portrait photographer and country lifestyle blogger & vlogger.

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