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One of the very reasons I decided to create my own vlog in the first place, over a year and a half ago now, is because I’m a huge fan of Youtube.

If my other half is out, you’re much more likely to find me curled up on the sofa, or in bed, with my laptop on, a cup of tea in hand and my Spaniel by my side, watching vlogs, than you are watching television. (Or reading, but that’s another post for another time.)


I’m pretty sure we’ve all turned the TV on, channel surfed for a while, before deciding that there’s ‘nothing on’, yet continued sitting in front of some boring programme that doesn’t appeal to you, anyway. And I think that’s how my love for vlogs began. Because on Youtube, there’s always something on. And with the rise in content creators and the increase in high quality videos being uploaded, every single day, nowadays, we’re just over here making our own favourite shows and we don’t need to wait for the TV stations to buck their ideas up.

Of course, I’m as partial to The Crown, Blue Planet II and a good Louis Theroux documentary as the rest of the nation, but I’ve exhausted the movie list on Netflix and most of the time, I really do struggle to find something to watch.


Vlogs are also great for me to have on in the background, whilst I’m editing photos. I’ll often be editing on my iMac and have vlogs playing on my laptop, because they don’t require too much brain power and they feel like good company. For anyone working from home alone, I know you’ll appreciate that.

So, in light of all of this, I thought I’d share with you, the channels that I’m really loving right now, so that you can check them out and enjoy them too…


The Vloggers

Sam Callahan – Because he’s my baby brother, so obvs… He’s literally just started vlogging and he also lives the most crazy life, so he has to be top of my list.

Giovanna Fletcher – One of my faves!

Hunters & Heels – The most fab country blogger and she’s just recently started her Youtube channel.

Zoella – The queen of vlogging.

Brogan Tate – The ‘girl next door’ and one of my fave weekly vlogs.

Louise Pentland – Another top fave.

The Meldrums – For family lifestyle vlogs.

Ebony Day – Because she’s just the sweetest and has a gorgeous Cockerpoo called Tilly.

Our Tiny Tribe – Ebony’s (above) family channel.

Inthefrow – Because I wish I looked like that. (Lol)

Lily Pebbles – For beauty, style & lifestyle.

The Michalaks – For the glossiest weekly family vlogs.

Alfie Deyes – Because I’m just that cool and I’m waiting for him to share his business genius with me.

Lydia Elise Millen – Because I’m fascinated by her flawless lifestyle.

Carrie Green – Founder of the Female Entrepreneur Association and all round business inspiration.


The Photographers

Shelley Paulson – My lovely equine photographer friend from Minnesota

Olivia Bossert – Because I love her photography & blog.

Jessica Kobeissi – For the photography inspiration.

Rebecca Spencer – Because her street-style photography fascinates me.

Giana Terranova – One of my favourite equine photographers.

The Joy of Marketing – Marketing for photographers.

Jasmine Star – Wedding photographer and the queen of online business strategy.


The Equestrians

Rhea Freeman – My good friend and business coach offers some top business tips on her channel, amongst other things.

Hiho Silver – For all the equestrian bling.

KA Equestrian – Fellow equestrian blogger and vlogger and all round lovely lady.

Pearson Eventing – For the best hunting head-cam videos.

Tina Wallace – Horse & Country TV Vlogger

The Gaitpost – For equestrian news & interviews.

Alycia Burton – Because her free riding is insane.

Your Horse Online – Needs no introduction, really.

Lucy Robinson – Fab equestrian channel.

Connerton Adventures – The cutest horsey family from a ranch in Florida, who’ve just adopted FOUR kids!

Specialist UK equine portrait photographer and country lifestyle blogger & vlogger.

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