I just wanted to do a quick introduction to my brand new blog. I just felt it was time for an upgrade.

You can still find all the old content by clicking on the ‘Archive’ button at the bottom of the page, but I’ve had my old blog ever since I first started blogging and it was just feeling old and tired to me.

It was a wordpress hosted blog, whereas this one is self-hosted, for those of you in the blogging know. So that means I have a lot more control over the design and can make lots of little changes, as we go along. (So long as it doesn’t involve any more freakin’ FTPing!)

There’s still a fair bit to add to this one, but I at least felt that after weeks of work and wrestling with FTP and code, it had enough on here to finally share it out into the world!


I feel like this past year I’ve not really been as on top of blogging as I used to be, and I plan to really utilise it as part of my social media efforts, from here on out.

So, welcome! Have a little look around, enjoy going back over old posts and don’t forget to leave friendly notes in the comment sections. I always love to hear from you and this new space needs some love.

Thanks a million for your support!


Sophie. xxx

Specialist equine portrait photographer, blogger & vlogger. Essex based, travelling throughout the UK.