There is a big divide within the photography industry, about whether you should do your viewings online or in-person. And I can absolutely understand and agree with the arguments for doing in-person sales. Really, I can. But here’s why I choose to do things my own way.

Firstly… I hate sales! With a passion.

Yep, it’s a cop-out. Yes, I’m a wimp. But that’s the way it is. Sales is not my strong point. It’s my weakness.

I’m a really, really crappy sales woman! So I try to stick to me strengths and not play to my weaknesses. The thought of pushing the hard sell onto someone brings me out in hives!

Secondly, I already work enough evenings and weekends to miss out on various social occasions, family gatherings and nights out.

Doing in-person viewings would mean more evenings and weekends away from my family and friends, less time to go out for dinner or relax on my sofa with my other half and our dog. And I decided to choose quality of life over increased product sales.

And lastly, a lot of my shoots are a long distance away and it just isn’t practical to drive all the way back, a second time, for a viewing. That’s more of my time, more travel expenses, more mileage on my car, very likely more hours on the M25 in stand-still, rush hour traffic…

No thanks.


The beauty of running your own business is the freedom to build a life that works for you. Read all of the information and advice that the experts offer. Then take the parts that work for you and apply them.

Would I earn more money if I did in-person sales? Very probably. (Although I’m not convinced that my soft-touch sales skills would be all that persuasive. I’d probably end up giving all the photos away for free to anybody who shed a tear!)

But I’d also be working longer, later hours, away from home, travelling more and squeezing more into my already packed diary.

So, that’s a no from me.

And that’s a choice I’m totally comfortable with. What’s the point in making more money if you never have time to spend it?


What do you think? Do you agree, or do you think IPS are a must?

Specialist equine portrait photographer, blogger & vlogger. Essex based, travelling throughout the UK.